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Simple and durable design. Minimized complexity and moving parts to prevent any complications.

Quality and development

Highest quality materials and treatments. Input, development and testing by professional racers.


Years of experience in car, aero, medical and construction industries, specialized in CNC machining of metals.

Art Of Racing was born out of passion for motorcycle racing. The project is founded by moto enthusiast and owner of multiple, successful precision engineering companies specialized in CNC machining and professional racer and technician. In 2019 the two of them started to develop the early prototypes of parts in search of improvement that would transfer both in durability and reliability of the products as well as in actual lap time improvements. After many different models and versions, each better than the last one, the first parts started to win races and championships around Europe.

And thus in 2021 //ART was created. Built by a team of engineers with years of experience in various industries backed by input and advices of professional racers. Track tested and race proven. Made out of highest quality materials under one roof, 100% European product.

Our goal is to bring the technology used in MotoGP and WorldSBK to everyday racers and track day lovers. Each of our products is made with functionality as a priority, trying to minimize complexity and maximize performance. But we also believe that every part is a piece of art and that is why we strive to create //ART OF RACING.

From riders, for riders.

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